Air Conditioning

Want proper maintenance for your car air conditioning system in Drogheda?

For air conditioning systems to perform adequately well, routine maintenance is essential. We offer dependable car air conditioning services in Alexandria. Here at Maxi-Motors Drogheda, we have years’ worth of experience in the maintenance and repair of car air conditioning.

Our regular customers trust our timely and quality services, consistently leaving satisfied with our exceptional customer service. Our air conditioning experts specialize in automotive air conditioning compressor repair and cooling leakage fixes, offering all services at reasonable rates.

Anaysis and further testing

AC system checks and services need to be performed on a regular basis to guarantee satisfactory and effective running of your air conditioning system. Our services include:

Visual inspection of all components
Function and performance test
Replacement of air conditioner filter
Disinfection of air conditioner system (evaporator)
Leak test and gas replacement

AC system checks

If you notice that the air conditioner in your car isn’t functioning adequately, then contact the leading car air conditioning servicer in Drogheda – Maxi-Motors.

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